About Us

Our Board of Directors

Started in 1947, the Kansas Seed Industry Association has evolved into a progressive, pro-active organization dedicated to serving its members, the seed industry, and agriculture in general. Basic to KSIA is a spirit of cooperative effort for mutual benefit.

The purpose of the seed association is to promote Kansas agriculture through quality seed. In the early years, the association provided the opportunity for seedsmen to get acquainted with each other through semi-annual meetings. Through the years, KSIA has maintained a proud record of service to its members, the seed industry and to Kansas agriculture. Enhancing agriculture through seed remains our priority.

Kansas Seed Industry Association members include professional seed producers, conditioners, distributors, sellers and suppliers from Kansas and surrounding states. Members range from farm seed dealers and growers to representatives of national and international seed corporations as well as research and development personnel. Wholesale, retail and educational facets of the industry are encompassed in KSIA. Membership is open to those involved in all segments of the seed industry.

Projects over the years have followed the course of action needed at the time:

  • Legislative action
  • Education and Research
  • Connecting with regional and national seed associations
  • Presentation of annual scholarships
  • Promotion of Kansas-grown seed through public relations
  • Social opportunities for seedsmen — Summer golf tournament and seed seminars

Business meetings are highlighted by:

  • Timely reports on seed commodities
  • Updates from the American Seed Trade Assn.
  • Updates from the Kansas Board of Agriculture
  • Seed trading opportunities
  • Presentations on research, marketing & subjects of mutual interest
  • Tours, entertainment & social events